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Render is a set of research and advertisements for a gallery show about the process of game making. The advertisement includes a gallery book with all the needed information of the show.A poster, postcard and a ticket with general information onthe event.


The Book

The gallery book on game design is a visual feast that takes readers on a captivating journey into the realm of interactive entertainment. Through striking visuals and expert analysis, it delves into the art and craft of game creation, exploring the intricacies of level design, and storytelling. This book showcases a diverse range of games.


From indie gems to blockbuster titles, providing valuable insights and inspiration for both aspiring game designers and avid gamers alike. It's an immersive resource that celebrates the creativity and innovation driving the gaming industry forward.

render book.png


The tickets for the event are in the same style as the cover of the gallery book. The front of the ticket is meant to resemble a TV remote.


With The gallery, I felt that having an animated icon would provide a greater sense of the multimedia aspects of game design. The shape of the icon is that of an old TV screen and the blocks of color inside of it are to express the feeling of traveling to a new world.

render png2.png


The word rendering may look a little off but if viewed farther away the word starts to slowly slim down, representing the speed in which gaming has gotten faster and less cumbersome over the years.

Gift Bag

Complimentary bags are handed out at the end of the affair to show off some of the branding for the event and to spread the word.



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