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My role: UI,Branding

Finding the right influencers for your brand can be overwhelming. PRUFE simplifies the process by leveraging Al, ensuring a more precise and efficient match every time.

An college navigator and community builder for school clubs for Rutgers, this app also features a custom character creator to boost engagement. Students can create their own unique avatar to represent themselves within the app and their chosen club.

This not only adds a fun and personalized element to the app, but also helps students feel more connected to their virtual community. The character creator could offer a range of customization options, from hairstyles and clothing to accessories and facial features, ensuring that each student's avatar is as unique as they are.


When joining the company, one of the primary objectives was to revamp the company's original website. Even though the website was serviceable, it could have truly connected better with the company's target audience.  

Frame 20.png


Design Process 

To start, I looked at the company's overall market and who the target audience is. After the assessment, I introduced the company's new branding themes. The themes included high energy, vibrant colors, and dynamic placing. This ended up fitting well, the primary audience being brands and young small following influancers.

Frame 1.jpg
Frame 8.jpg


Social Mediapost

Asset 4.png

I created multiple social media templates  Instagram and TikTok, where the company is most viewed. I made 20+ high-energy and vibrant templates meant to be easily updated by the social media department, despite there lack of digital editing skills. The overall time taken to produce was around two days. 

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